Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance (NVAHA) is a broad-based, regional nonprofit organization working to create successful communities through affordable housing education and advocacy. We support public policies that promote the preservation and new construction of affordable housing choices throughout Northern Virginia for households of all incomes.

Our activities raise public awareness and provide educational materials and programs for communities on the topic of affordable housing. We focus upon the many benefits of affordable communities, as well as housing myths and misperceptions. We also work with many partners: community-based organizations, faith-based communities, civic associations, local governments, and chambers of commerce. What we do is essential to provide balance to the growth and development voices who are well organized, vocal, and too often misinformed.


About the People

We address the needs of low and moderate income people of all ages, family sizes, cultures, backgrounds, and abilities.

We strive to ensure support for people of extremely low income, as well as those who may have special needs, both now and in the future.

About the Housing

We promote policies that create, preserve, and maintain a wide variety of single- and multi-family housing types and sizes, providing both affordable rental and homeownership options in mixed-income communities.

We support housing throughout Northern Virginia which is compatible with existing communities, incorporates green building principles, and is well-designed, safe, and sustainable. We endorse the principles of universal design, visitability, and the ability to age-in-place.

About the Environment We Want to Foster

We reach out to inform, value and collaborate with all stakeholders who comprise our communities, and to establish consensus goals that include preserving and increasing the supply of diverse affordable housing stock.

We support the coordination of affordable housing production with the employment, transportation, retail, educational, social services and recreational needs of residents.

NVAHA Board of Directors:

Shelley Murphy, President
Renee Jakobs, Treasurer
Melissa Bondi, Secretary
David Bowers, Director
Conrad Egan, Director
Jon Smoot, Director
Michael Spotts, Director

Michelle Krocker, Executive Director