Another Perspective

Another Perspective features guest bloggers who provide commentary on issues related to housing and its impact on upward mobility or family stability. In this post, we asked one of our millennial colleagues, a recent college grad, to share her thoughts on juggling financial obligations, career decisions, and the issue of housing affordability. Here’s Ashley. If

Addressing Inequality in VA

The Center for American Progress has released its annual “State of the States” report which evaluates progress toward reducing poverty and increasing opportunity by tracking 15 key indicators in each state. How well is Virginia doing in the rankings? The following are some of the more pertinent stats:  #12 Poverty Rate: With a population of

Unskilled Workers Need Not Apply

We know that access to housing that’s affordable is essential for low and moderate income families and individuals. But for many, additional supports are needed to help them increase their confidence and achieve a greater level of independence. Having a job that pays a living wage with opportunities to grow and advance are key elements

Big Urban Planning Developments to Watch in 2016

Several large scale redevelopment/revitalization plans in Northern VA will kick into high gear in 2016. All three areas featured below are large, complex mixed-use sites that include multiple planning goals, require significant rezoning actions, and involve extensive community input – resulting in a multi-year approval process for all of them. And where will housing fit

A Region in Crisis: Time to Call the Question

Our struggles in the DMV certainly mirror larger national concerns; but we have our own set of circumstances that give us pause. The DC metro region, once the top performing metro for employment growth among the fifteen largest metros in the country, is now number 15 – dead last. Sequestration has dealt a huge blow

“Housing that’s Affordable”

Let’s Talk About “Housing that’s Affordable” Ask any man or woman on the street to tell you what comes to mind when they hear the term “affordable housing,” and you’ll probably get a strong, emotional response. Recently, our colleagues at Greater Greater Washington and the Coalition for Smarter Growth collaborated on a blog post that

Poverty in Fairfax County

This infographic from the Fairfax County Data Visualization Gallery reveals a side to Fairfax County you might not be familiar with.  Click the image to view full size.  What do you think of these stats? Share you thoughts on our Facebook page! 

Profitable & Affordable

Developers of New Urban Communities Share Lessons Learned “Private Sector Solutions to the Affordability and Social Equity Crisis,” a summit sponsored by the LOCUS National Leadership, was held in Washington, DC last week.  LOCUS, a program within Smart Growth America, is a national network of real estate developers and investors who advocate for sustainable, walkable

SimCity and the Ideal Community

Remember the Video Game SimCity?  It allowed the player to create and manage a city and be the master of their universe, or at least of their community. In its most basic state, a community in real life is a network of inter-connected systems working together to create the environment in which we live. In