The mission of the Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance is to promote healthy, sustainable and equitable communities that meet the diverse housing needs of Northern Virginia residents. Our activities include:

  • Advocating for public policies and adequate financial investments to develop and preserve housing that’s affordable;
  • Building political will to advance affordable housing through better understanding of the interplay between housing, health, equity, and economic development;
  • Partnering with underserved communities to lift their participation in our civic discourse;
  • Calling for the deconstruction of land use systems and policies that perpetuate inequities, and the allocation of resources to address the disparities created by these systems;
  • Conducting research on housing needs and policies to promote inclusive, equitable communities in Northern Virginia.


We envision a future in which Northern Virginia provides housing opportunities for all regardless of income, race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship or disability status; in which no household is forced to forgo food, health care, or other essential services to pay their housing expenses; in which budget priorities and policy tools are leveraged to promote affordable housing development; and in which housing policies are crafted and implemented using an equity framework and an anti-racist lens.

Core Beliefs

  • Housing is About People. Housing is the foundation for good health and economic stability. All people have a right to safe, affordable housing in the community where they choose to live, and all community members benefit from the prosperity that results from a robust and diverse housing market.
  • Housing is a Racial Equity Issue. Too often majority Black and brown communities suffer from under-resourced schools, reduced economic opportunities and disinvestment in community amenities as a result of current land use patterns and zoning policies that are rooted in the legacy of redlining and segregation.
  • Housing is a Health Equity Issue. Your ZIP code should not determine your life expectancy, but health outcomes are affected by the conditions in the communities where we live, work, learn and play. All communities deserve equitable access to healthy food, parks and recreation, and multi-modal transit, and equal protection from environmental toxins and other health threats.
  • Housing is Economic Development. Housing is a key ingredient to ensuring the economic well-being of our region now and for generations to come. An adequate supply of housing that is affordable helps businesses attract and retain employees, and increases local spending and tax revenue, leading to shared prosperity that benefits us all. 
  • Housing Should Be Inclusive. As a region, we have failed to fully engage all households in our civic decision making. Black and brown residents, renters and low-income households, in particular, frequently do not have their voices heard. As a result, investments in our communities have not been reflective of their hopes, their concerns and their vision for the future. True engagement begins with listening to, lifting up and being guided by community voices.
  • Housing is Achieved Through Partnerships. Our collaboration with nonprofit and for-profit organizations engaged in housing and community development in Northern Virginia, across the greater Washington metro area, and statewide, along with our numerous cross-sector partnerships, acts as a force multiplier, moving us closer to our vision of a more equitable and inclusive Northern Virginia.

NVAHA Board of Directors:

Nina Janopaul, President
Bailey Edelson, Treasurer
Nicholas Bracco, Secretary
Melissa Bondi, Director
Conrad Egan, Director
Eric Maribojoc, Director
Shelley Murphy, Director
Fred Selden, Director 
Jon Smoot, Director
Michael Spotts, Director

Michelle Krocker, Executive Director
Nora Daly, Director of Programs and Community Engagement

NVAHA Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is comprised of 23 partner organizations representing industry professionals engaged in affordable housing development, finance, policy and supportive services who serve as advisors for Alliance programs and work activities. This council meets six times a year to receive updates on federal housing activities and policies; state and local housing programs and new initiatives; hear presentations from industry experts, and engage in advocacy for specific policies or activities. They are an important regional voice for housing affordability in Northern Virginia.

Ayan Addou

Virginia Housing

Melissa Bondi 

Enterprise Community Partners

Nick Bracco 

The Michaels Organization 

Sonya Breehey 

Coalition for Smarter Growth 

Hilary Chapman 

Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

Ed Creskoff 

Bank of America

Keiva Dennis 

PNC Bank

Katharine Dixon

Rebuilding Together DC – Alexandria

Bailey Edelson 


Jim Edmondson 

E & G Group

Conrad Egan 

National Housing Policy Expert

Jon Frederick 

Alexandria Housing Development Corporation 

Alyia Gaskins 

Cities Rx, LLC

Nina Janopaul 

Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing

Sylisa Lambert-Woodard 

Pathway Homes 

David Levine 

Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services 

Cheryl Malloy 


Eric Maribojoc 

GMU, Center for Real Estate Entrepreneurship 

Brian McLaughlin 

Enterprise Community Development 

Brett Meringoff 


Shelley Murphy

Wesley Housing Development Corporation 

Jill Norcross 

Virginia Housing 

John Payne

Virginia Housing 

Stewart Schwartz 

Coalition for Smarter Growth

Fred Selden 

Planning Consultant

Michael Spotts

Neighborhood Fundamentals, LLC

Jon Smoot

Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia

Ryan Sherriff

Capital One 

Walter Webdale

AHC, Inc.

John Welsh 

AHC, Inc.

Michelle Winters

Alliance for Housing Solutions