NVAHA in 2018

As we reflect on 2018, we are truly thankful for the hundreds of individuals, community-based organizations and corporate partners from across Northern Virginia who share this work of building more inclusive, equitable and lasting communities. Housing policy and advocacy are our core competencies, but throughout the year we’ve collaborated with houses of worship, smart growth

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  We know that housing is the platform upon which individuals and households achieve greater self-sufficiency. Research tells us that place matters, and that the quality and affordability of housing can impact a person’s health, a family’s stability and a community’s economic sustainability. These are issues that matter to Virginians. Yet, for every 100 low-income

Housing and Health Partnerships

Place matters, and in the last few years, research has increasingly demonstrated that where you live can have a dramatic impact on your physical and emotional health. This message was echoed throughout the day-long symposium, Home Remedies Connecting Housing and Health For Stronger Communities, sponsored by Housing Virginia on July 11.  Attended by housing professionals

EMBARK, Preservation and Equity

  On July 25, the Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance and the Coalition for Smarter Growth co-hosted a community forum on the preservation of market-affordable housing along the Richmond Highway corridor. We organized the forum to highlight the findings in our recently released report Northern Virginia’s Preservation Challenge, and to call attention to the risk

Arlington’s Big Idea Roundtable

Throughout the month of June, Arlington residents had the opportunity to sit down with County Board members, commissioners, and neighbors to discuss the future of Arlington through the Big Idea Roundtables. Five events were scheduled and held at different times and locations to accommodate various resident schedules. There was high interest in the meetings, generating


“There’s a knock on the door. Whether or not the belongings are packed, the kids are ready, or the new plan is put in place, it no longer matters. The eviction has begun: it’s time to leave.” This statement, based on Matthew Desmond’s 2016 best seller, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, greets the

Housing in Fx Co

In the first quarter of 2018, the final recommendations for Fairfax County’s Strategic Housing Plan will be presented to the Board of Supervisors (BOS). Considered a companion report to the county’s comprehensive Strategic Plan to Facilitate Economic Success, this plan will offer short term and long term strategies to address the growing shortage of housing

Govt Should Invest in Housing

Why should government be involved in housing? Isn’t that something the private sector takes care of? These questions are often raised by the general public, as well as some elected officials. While for-profit developers build the overwhelming majority of our housing stock, it’s become harder and harder for low and moderate income households to afford

We Know What To Do

For a significant percentage of the workforce and vulnerable households living in Greater Washington, housing affordability is a challenge, and as such that challenge poses threats to our long-term regional vitality and prospects for economic growth. We Know What To Do Over the years, a considerable amount of research has identified, reviewed and documented the

Who Is Cost-Burdened?

The loss of market affordable housing stock in Northern Virginia over the past decade is well-documented. First captured by local housing agencies in 2000, this trend has been covered more recently by local journalists, building awareness of the issue of housing affordability as a significant regional challenge. The latest examples on the loss of these