The Story of 22305 Is Not Unique to Alexandria

As the coronavirus spreads and more testing is performed, anxious residents are demanding more information regarding the rate of infection in their community. In response, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) changed its long-standing policy not to release data at the ZIP code level to protect patient privacy and due to concerns the difficulty in

Back to School for Housing Advocates

September is back to school month, and that includes housing advocates as well. There’s been a flurry of housing activity over the summer, and we have a lot of catching up to do. Since the announcement of HQ2 last November, housing as a regional priority has been rising, and we don’t see any sign of

Fairfax County Candidates Respond to Housing Questionnaire

Housing affordability is a significant concern for a growing percentage of Fairfax County’s population. In a recent county survey, over 1,600 participants identified ‘Housing and Neighborhood Livability,’ ‘Affordability’ and ‘Equity’ as top priorities for 2020 and beyond. We understand why. With average monthly rents of $1,788, and the average home purchase price of $548,800, 44

Letter to Arlington County Board re Amazon

As developers, policy analysts and nonprofit organizations engaged in the work of affordable housing and community development, the Leadership Council of the Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance supports Amazon’s HQ2 in Arlington. Their arrival will fill the void created by the 17,000+ jobs lost during the BRAC repositioning, and advance critical investments in transportation and

Amazon, Housing and the Regional Response

  At their December meeting, NVAHA’s Leadership Council had a lengthy discussion about Amazon and its impact on housing affordability. Since the November 13 announcement by Governor Northam regarding Crystal City’s selection as one of two HQ2 sites and the details around the state’s incentive package, there’s been an avalanche of commentary and analysis by elected

Celebrating 2018 Regional Housing Leaders

The torrential rains last Thursday night didn’t stop housing professionals and friends from attending our 2018 Regional Housing Leaders Reception and Awards Ceremony to honor exceptional individuals and organizations in our industry. These leaders motivate, inspire and call upon all of us to act to create more equitable, inclusive, and thriving communities. We were proud

VA Responds to Evictions Crisis

The newly-formed Campaign to Reduce Evictions (CARE) launched May 22 with a kick-off presentation at the First Baptist Church in Richmond. Convened by the Virginia Poverty Law Center, this multi-sector group of attorneys, tenant advocates, organizers, and researchers was created in response to the release of Eviction Lab data earlier this year showing an alarming

Dedicated Funding for Housing in Alexandria

On May 3, Alexandria City Council adopted their FY19 budget which included a dedicated source of revenue for affordable housing development. The revenue will come from a 1% increase in the meals tax from 4% to 5%, providing approximately $5 million annually. Combined with developer contributions and loan repayments to the Housing Opportunity Fund, this

Leveraging Local Housing Dollars

There’s a lot of anxiety and concern over the Trump administration’s proposal for the FY2018 federal budget. The HUD budget alone anticipates a 13% reductions in funds – a loss of $6.2 billion compared to FY2016 levels. These cuts would devastate low-income households, seniors and persons with disabilities, and eliminate entire programs critical to localities

Out of Reach in NoVA

The National Low Income Housing Coalition has released Out of Reach 2017, their annual report on the state of affordable rental housing in America, and its conclusions are dire. Millions of Americans struggle to find housing that is affordable on their salaries, and in no state can a person working full-time earning the federal minimum