Housing is Regional

This year, HAND’s Annual Meeting and Housing Expo featured an opening plenary session, “Regional Strategies to Increase Affordable Housing Development & Preservation in the Greater Washington Area,” sponsored by the Greater Washington Housing Leaders Group. The session featured presentations on our region’s low and moderate income housing needs and projections for the number and types of jobs we can anticipate in the future. Next, a panel of public and private sector stakeholders from across the DMV had a robust discussion regarding how we can work collaboratively to address this critical issue to ensure the economic viability of the metro region.

As a part of this session, a commissioned report titled “Call the Question: Will the Greater Washington Region Collaborate and Invest to Solve Its Affordable Housing Shortage?” was released, identifying four strategies, several of which are currently underway in some of our jurisdictions, to advance as a region. They are:

  • Increasing sources of capital for affordable housing;
  • Increasing the availability of land and property for affordable housing;
  • Reducing the cost of affordable housing development;
  • Generating political will.

The conversation from the plenary session, as well as this report, can provide us with a platform to continue to  engage both public and private sector stakeholders in elevating housing as a priority issue, and moving forward, as a region, to address unmet housing needs.