Housing Trust Funds for VA

The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (VDHCD) has notified the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of its intent to become a grantee of the National Housing Trust Funds (HTF) within 30 days after HUD publishes the formula allocation amounts (expected to occur by April 2016).

The HTF is a new affordable housing production program that will complement existing Federal, state and local efforts to increase the supply of affordable housing for extremely low- and very low-income households, including homeless families.

To assist states with strategies to develop more housing for extremely low income households, especially those with special needs, the Technical Assistance Collaborative, Inc has issued a report “Creating New Integrated Permanent Supportive Housing Opportunities for ELI Households: A Vision for the Future of the National Housing Trust Fund.” The report looks at model programs in three states, and shows how NHTF resources can be used to leverage development of housing for persons with special needs.