NVAHA 15 – Accomplishment #11 (2020): NVAHA and HAND Host “Rx For Building Health and Housing Partnerships”

Research tells us that only 30% of a person’s health is addressed in a medical facility. The remainder of our health outcomes are affected by the conditions that exist in the communities where we live, work, learn and play. For years, affordable housing and community development professionals have identified these elements – social determinants of health – as critical to creating healthy, thriving communities. As the healthcare industry seeks to lower medical costs and provide better health outcomes for their patients, forward-thinking institutions are investing in these social determinants of health, including investments in affordable housing production. 

While stories of successful health & housing partnerships around the country are growing more frequent, only a few of these joint ventures have developed in our region. What are the challenges in bringing two different industry sectors together? What are the shared benefits that also accrue to residents and patients? 

These and several other questions were addressed at the “Rx For Building Health and Housing Partnerships” a panel discussion hosted by NVAHA and HAND Housing. Held February 26, 2020, this panel drew a crowd of 90 housing and healthcare professionals, all committed to advancing beyond discussions and to develop partnerships that will result in healthier, more equitable outcomes for the residents we serve.