NVAHA 15 – Accomplishment #6 (2006): NVAHA Sponsors First Regional Legislative Forum on Housing

NVAHA sponsored a half-day legislative forum to identify barriers to the development of affordable housing in our region. The forum brought together over 130 Northern Virginia legislators, housing and smart growth advocates, as well as business leaders. One of the key outcomes from the forum was the creation of Regional Housing Principles, a set of principles drafted by NVAHA to urge local jurisdictions to adopt in order to fashion a more comprehensive set of regional housing policies.

These principles include: 

  • Developing goals/targets to address unmet housing needs, allocating resources, and devising an implementation strategy. 
  • Implementing policies that promote mixed use, mixed income development, creating housing near employment centers and transit sites. 
  • Promoting green residential development.
  • Using public land that is vacant or underutilized and suitable for residential development to provide housing for households with extremely low incomes. 
  • Creating a dedicated, stable housing trust fund.
  • Utilizing local taxing authority.
  • Recognizing the relationship between job growth and housing needs. 
  • Making homelessness unacceptable in a region with such wealth and resources.