NVAHA in 2018

As we reflect on 2018, we are truly thankful for the hundreds of individuals, community-based organizations and corporate partners from across Northern Virginia who share this work of building more inclusive, equitable and lasting communities.

Housing policy and advocacy are our core competencies, but throughout the year we’ve collaborated with houses of worship, smart growth advocates, social justice proponents and grassroots organizers – organizations with a different focus but an aligned mission. We all understand that safe, decent affordable housing is the platform upon which households secure stability and build self-sufficiency.

We have also expanded our Action Alert networks in Alexandria, Arlington and Fairfax County to provide more timely information, analysis and calls to action on specific housing issues as they developed in these jurisdictions.

Our goal was to build more housing knowledge and foster greater community engagement in housing advocacy.

And so here are some of our achievements for the year (realizing that nothing is accomplished without partnerships):

  • Secured $4.3M Funding for Church of the Resurrection/AHC’s The Spire in Alexandria
  • Successful Campaign to Dedicate 1% of the Alexandria Meals Tax to Affordable Housing
  • Established a Messaging and Communications Work Group for housing advocates to develop housing communications tools and coordinate housing messaging for greater impact
  • Released “Northern Virginia’s Preservation Challenge: Trends, Threats and Opportunities”
  • Held a standing room only Community Forum on Preservation, Equity and Inclusion along the EMBARK Route 1 Corridor
  • Successfully Advocated for Creation of a Work Group to Recommend Preservation Policies for the EMBARK corridor
  • Hosted the 2018 Regional Housing Leaders Awards Ceremony and Reception with Leon Andrews, National League of Cities
  • Initiated Campaign to “Sign the Petition” for $20M annually for Virginia’s Housing Trust Fund
  • Launched the Housing Toolkit, an online housing resource for candidates and newly elected officials

Some of our most important work is done in the advisory boards and commissions where housing issues are hashed out at the jurisdictional level. It is here that our regional knowledge allows us to share housing best practices across jurisdictions. In addition, we are pleased to represent Northern Virginia housing interests in the Housing Leaders Group of Greater Washington.

As an organization, we spent 2018 developing a better understanding of racist policies and practices in housing, land use and the allocation of resources that linger in our suburban communities today. We explored the issues of institutional and systemic racism, and will continue this important work in 2019, as we strive to be more intentional in naming racism and its lingering impacts.

This work would not be possible without your participation and your support. Help us continue to be the voice for housing policy and advocacy in Northern Virginia. Together we can expand the base of political will to make housing affordability a regional priority with sufficient resources and a commitment to meeting our region’s housing needs, especially for low and moderate income families.

Thank you for your donation!