It’s About the People

The simple truth about affordable housing is that it’s about the people, not the housing.

All people need a safe home.

All people need a safe home.

People of all ages and at all stages of life need a place to call home. They need housing that is safe, decent, and affordable. We know that housing is the platform upon which individuals and families build their security and stability, and this creates communities that are diverse, successful, and thriving.

Housing policy wonks discuss AMI (area median income), LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credits), density bonus and annual consolidated community plans, but what really matters is the answer to this question: “Do people have a home? Are we creating communities that are resilient, that value economic and social diversity, and that provide housing opportunities for households of all incomes?”

When children have

When children have safe homes, they do better in school.

When children have safe, decent, and affordable housing, they do better in school. Adults whose housing is secure and affordable can concentrate on skills improvement and job advancement. Businesses have an easier time recruiting and retaining stable employees, especially our small and mid-sized employers. This is doubly true if we build affordable housing near job centers and major transit lines, reducing commutes and increasing both productivity and livability for all. Affordable housing allows people to live in the communities where they work – and that includes not just the teachers and first responders, but the plumbers, bank tellers, hospitality workers and the baristas in our coffee shops.

When we create inclusive communities, our collective quality of life improves. Housing is about homes. It’s about the people. And the outcomes benefit us all.