Fairfax County Candidates Respond to Housing Questionnaire

Housing affordability is a significant concern for a growing percentage of Fairfax County’s population. In a recent county survey, over 1,600 participants identified ‘Housing and Neighborhood Livability,’ ‘Affordability’ and ‘Equity’ as top priorities for 2020 and beyond. We understand why.

With average monthly rents of $1,788, and the average home purchase price of $548,800, 44 percent of renters (more than 55,000 households), and 23 percent of homeowners (more than 60,000 households) spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing in Fairfax County. Working families living paycheck to paycheck are anxious and concerned about where they would go if their rents increase and their homes are no longer affordable.

2019 will be a very consequential election year for Fairfax County. All ten seats are up for election and four members of the Board, including the Chair, will retire at the end of the year. This election will usher in new faces and new perspectives. Given the statistics cited above, it’s not surprising that affordable housing is a top priority for many of the candidates running for the position of Chair and Board of Supervisors.

To help voters better understand each candidate’s position on housing issues, we sent a questionnaire to all 26 candidates (including incumbents). Seventeen candidates responded, and the results can be found here. When you open the link, go to the bar across the top, click on “Individual Responses,” “Respondent # 1,” and scroll down to read the answers.

June 11, 2019 is Primary Day. Please vote!